"The Lady in Red"   Short. 15 min.

Elina Amromina performed the main role  and also worked as second director,  production manager and editor.


 Chicago Film Festival "BlowUp", Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, Charlotte Film Festival, Los Angeles Festival of Cinematic Arts, COMMFFEST in Toronto. Gold award winner for "The Lady in Red" at the International Independent Film Awards, CA, USA.



He met her several times during his life, but only at their final encounter he started to understand who she is.



Mikhail Uchitelev manages to keep the mystery until the last moment. He takes us this time on a trip beyond our physical world. The Lady in red is a symbol of the care the universe indulges on us, of the intentional arrangement and order in the world, of the ‘unreachable’ faith. Man will always find himself crushed under the weight of absolute. The Lady’s character can resonate its symbol on several layers.

Mikhail Uchitelev manages again to make  powerful film that pushes the public to reflection and awareness: ‘The Lady In Red’.