Semi-staged performance of The Demon By Rubinstein

at the Atrium of General Staff, State Hermitage. In collaboration with Viktor Visozky  (based on the fully-staged production of Summer International Open Air Festival "All Together Opera" 2012)


Director - Elina Amromina, Viktor Visozky

Set design - Julia Golzova,

Light - Mikhail Golubkov,

Conductor - Sergei Stadler,

Orchestra of St. Petersburg

Choir of Opera Theatre of St. Petersburg Conservatory,

art director - Julia Hutorezkaya,

Demon - Mikhail Nikanorov,

Angel & nanny - Ludmila Shkirtil,

Tamara - Ekaterina Shimanovich

Prince Sinodal - Roman Arndt,

Prince Gudal - Evgeny Chermadiev,

Old srevant - Nikolay Tzarevsky,

Assistent of Demon - Bogdan Korolek,

Assistent of Angel - Polina Artemieva



Of course, the special mention deserves production of the "Demon" at the Atrium of the General Staff of State Hermitage, the set was designed by the artist Julia Goltsova in such a way that two black-and-white wings with pages of Lermontov text instead of feathers reigned over the action. Very capacious and beautiful metaphor. Despite the difficult acoustics, Sergei Stadler managed to inspire all participants to an emotional upsurge and to conduct a surprisingly solid, permeated with a single pulse, a dynamic performance in which the soloists Ekaterina Shimanovich (Tamara) Mariinsky Theater, Mikhail Nikanorov (Demon) Stanislavsky Theater Moscow, Roman Arndt (Synodal) shone. Excellent work was done by director Elina Amromina, who restored many of the mise-en-scenes from the production of "Demon" from the I summer festival "All Together Opera" 2012 originally directed by V. Visozky.