EUGENY ONEGIN Tchaikovsky at  II Open Air Festival All Together Opera in 2013


Director - Elina Amromina, Conductor - Victor Sobolev, Set designer - Julia Golzova, Choreographer - Konstantin Chuvasnev, Choirmaster - Julia Khutorezkaya.

Choir and Orchestra of Opera Theatre of Saint Petersburg Conservatory.

Onegin - Vladimir Zelebrovsky

Tatiana - Olga Georgieva

Lensky - Vyacheslav Lesik

Olga - Anastasia Meschanova

Gremin - Petr Migunov

Nanny - Anastasia Zabolotskaya

Larina - Ludmila Shkirtil

Officer - Denis Kolesnikov

Zaretsky - Efim Zavalny

Triquet - Roman Arndt



An endless chain of music lovers sprawled along the paths of the park, the wet lawn behind Yelaginsky Palace was filled with a wide variety of public. There were many elderly people, the children frolicked merrily among the flower beds and  puddles. Spectators with disabilities enthusiastically rolled out on the stroller. In a word, the view was absolutely European and touching for the heart of a music lover: speaking in a high style, the city, in spite of the weather, came to a living source of music. The light scenery depicting the Larin estate as well as the white background with Pushkin's autographs were extremely suitable, the singers did not spare themselves, the final success of the production of director Elina Amromina, conductor Victor Sobolev and the set designer Julia Golzova was undoubted.  The participation of  Bolshoi and Mariinsky  theaters  stars enhanced the effect.



The production is filled with poetry and gentle humor of the Pushkin narrative